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Real-Time Dracula

Bram Stoker's Dracula, as it was never meant to be read.

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For now the Twitter updates will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as we set the stage for the novel. On May 1 Real-Time Dracula will officially begin with the first “missing” chapter of the novel, known as Dracula’s Guest. After that point updates will correspond (as much as possible) to the date (and time) of the action in the novel. Commentary from the RTD Admin account will generally appear simultaneously with character tweets.




Once a week a summary of the previous Tweets will be posted—for those not on Twitter or for those who want to catch up with the whole stream without jumping from character to character. An RTD admin tweet will often accompany an update.


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How excellent to see this project?

Can I help?

(Didn't mean the question mark on the first sentence. Typo.)

Well, in the next few weeks I'll be tweeting character summaries from the @realtimedracula as well as short tweets by each character to establish background. I'd love to get some feedback, since I'm experimenting wildly with their voices.

Will anyone else be writing?

We learned a lot from the Dracula blog. Not sure how much would apply to microblogging.

I've been working on the tweets ahead of time (currently mid-way through June in the novel) and I'm going to try to keep that up and have at least a month's buffer for the duration of the project.

That being said, this is Web 2.0 and things may turn into a dialogue as others reply to character tweets etc. Not sure what direction that may take things, but it could be exciting. And of course if anyone sends cool links/comments like the kind I see on your Dracula Blogged archives, I'll be sure to try to Retweet them.

I guess this LJ might be better-suited for discussion and posting links than Twitter is. Perhaps I haven't thought through the other side of this equation. The separation between artist and audience is a different thing in this social networking world.

That's a subtle idea, thinking about the pairing of Twitter with this LJ. Maybe this is the place for meta? Commentary, questions, responses, etc.

I think, in the end, this LJ site will be more crucial than the Twitter end of things. Twitter is great as an immediate medium for the story and as a way to keep people involved as they do not need to actively check in to the story, they need only check their twitter stream.

But it is indeed a stream and constantly moving. Especially with a project like this, with multiple streams, there's no way for someone to catch up or read back without a lot of work. Once I'm done posting the character bios I'm going to condense them here and, through Twitter, direct people to the site (mostly to provide feedback on how the tweets should be archived).

Less than a month now...

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